Admission Rules

1. After paying the tuition fee, please check the student's name, the course name and other information on the receipt are consistent and correct. Otherwise, if there is a dispute, the refund application will not be accepted.

2. Students should return to school on time, and all students who are late will not be arranged to adjust the class or make up.

3. Students should wear our school uniforms or school sportswear during class, otherwise the school will charge HKD$100 for rental fee or have the right to refuse students to attend classes at the school without additional make up class.

4. All courses must be successfully interviewed before the student registers. The school has the final decision right on 
whether allow student enter the school or not.

5. New students are required to pay tuition fees before the start of the first lesson of each course. While old students are required to pay the next month tuition fee before the last lesson of the each month.

6. The course interview fee is HKD$100. Parents must pay the interview fee by bank deposit or on the interview booking system of the school's website. Parents who pay by bank deposit must send the bank deposit receipt to us by Whatsapp / Email / Facebook inbox. After our staff has actually received the relevant payment, the selected interview period will be arranged.

7. After completing the course interview, if the interviewer is successfully admitted, the application and payment procedures must be completed within one week. Otherwise, the accepted degree will be treated as a waiver and the interview appointment will need to be rescheduled.

8. All course interview fees, regardless of whether the interviewer allows students to successfully enroll, is not refundable.

9. All students who are interested in obtaining an audition or filming must participate in a Comcard styling photo taken by our production team for students. Once a year, they are used to provide major auditions and filming opportunities for students. (Fee: $880)

10. Our school has an admission deposit rules. All new student are required to pay a one-month course deposit fee when they apply for admission. If the student withdraws from school for any reason, the fee will not be refunded.

11. The date and time of the course is based on the date and time selected by the parent at the time of enrollment. No change or extension of the start date and time of the class will be arranged thereafter, unless the class is required to be transferred or cancelled for special reasons.

12. Only one make-up class can be arranged for each month: the leave must be notified to the school one week before the lesson, and the supplement must be completed within two weeks; sick leave supplement must be provided to the school within three days after the lesson day.

13. The school has a lesson suspension plan for student. If the student needs to suspend the remaining deposit for any reason, he can apply to the school for suspension of the course. The maximum amount of the deposit can be extended for three months. If suspended for more than three months, the course deposit will be paid and considered invalid. If a student who has paid a one-year tuition fee applies for suspension of school, the student can apply for the lesson suspension for a maximum of three months. If the student has been suspended for more than three months, the school will continue to deduct the student's lesson balance.

14. Severe Weather Arrangement: When the Typhoon Signal No. 3 or the Yellow and Red Rainstorm Warning is hoisted, the school will attend classes as usual. If the Black Rainstorm Warning, No. 8 or higher typhoon signal is hoisted four hours before class, all classes of the school held on that day will be cancelled. Parents must consider the weather conditions at the time and decide whether to return to school. Classes that are absent or cancelled in the above circumstances will not be replenished, postponed or refunded.

15. The school has the right to use all student photos and videos for promotional purposes. All modifications and decisions are subject to the school's decision and the school reserves the right to amend the terms without prior notice.

16. If the facilities or equipment of the school are damaged, the destroyer must pay compensation according to the price, and the school reserves the right to claim and pursue the case.

17. The school reserves all final decision rights.

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