Kidstar Emcee Course

Suitable age: 6-17 years old, divided by age, small class teaching

Does your child have speaking skills?

This course trains children's multi-faceted speaking skills. Through eloquence training and participation in the stage performance opportunities provided by the school, the children's talent and self-confidence can be enhanced.


Lessons included:
  - Speaking skills training (sound, tone, bite correction, etc.)
  - Mouth strength training (content statement, report, person/object introduction, etc.)
  - Resilience training (straining skills for emergencies, "mediate a dispute" skills, etc.)
  - Character training (as a master of ceremonies, interviewers, tips for little reporters)

*Each student can receive 10 times stage performance opportunites each year at most.

*Student's performance video will release in social media platform and website of the school.
*Students who perform well have the opportunity to sign up to become a contract kids of the school, giving priority to advertising, film audition and shooting opportunities.

Tuition fee:$2800/4 lessons/ month

(must successfully pass the interview)

MC Interview




Course Features

This course will help to improve your kids six potentials below.


Speaking skills

Organizational skills

Expression Ability

Performence Opportunies

MTR Stage Art MC Perform

7Star Entertainment Charity Concert MC Perform

《Kidstar Cup》Annual Event MC Perform

Christmas Kids Model & Dance Contest 2018 MC Perform

More opportunities on
our Facebook Page !!

Be more confident, 

               strive for excellence!!

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