Contract Kids

馮枷茵 Meefee Fung

Age 6,Smart & Sweet Smile,good at dancing and acting

​Experiences: Ocean Park Video, SHK Sales Video, ViuTV drama《娛樂風雲》, K11 Musea video, etc.

潘姿善 Vincci Pun

Age 7, Smart, obedient, good at acting, Kpop dance, Chinese dance and violin.

​Experiences: TVB Drama《鐵探》, Pizza Hut TVC, Government TVC, C AllStar MV《一刻戀上》, Ling Nam Medicine Advertisement, Sowers Action Advertisement, XRL Gorvernment TVC, Vincy Chan MV《騎膊馬》, Movie《叔叔》, Fruttato Gelato Advertisement, Panadol, AppleDaily Promotion, Hasbro Advertisement, etc.

黃奧爾 Wong Oli Moritz

5 years old, active and lively, elves play ghosts, good at acting.


​Performing experience: Yew Chung International Kindergarten Print-ad, the movie "Till We Meet Again", the Ocean Park Conservation Video, and the Cord Blood Bank Video

尹柏喬 Liam Wan

Age 4, Smart, well-behaved and obedient, behaved calmly, have high comprehension, good at fencing.


Experiences:Online Video <Siu Hei Gui>

馮皓揚 Mason Fung​

Age 15, Charming teens, skilled, good at acting, dancing, catwalk, emcee, kung fu, cello and swimming.


Experiences: Government TVC (not allow sell wine to teens) , Government TVC (injection), Rugby 7 international competition advertisement, Movie《入鐵籠》, Hins Cheung MV《天才兒童1985》, Ekids Concert Special Perform, RTHK Program《香港故事》Interview, ViuTV program《美選D.n.A.》MC, 100 Most《卡夫芝士》Advertisement, etc.

黃靖瑜 Colour Wong

Age 7, Smart and eye-catching, lively and active, good at acting, dancing and eloquence.

​Experiences: TVB drama《法證先鋒4》, RTHK drama (《劍道少女》《惑星之年》), M21 media promotion《家庭友善12式》, Phil Lam MV《草原》, Prudential Advertisment, Sowers Action Advertisement、ViuTV Program《快樂童盟》, Government TVC, ViuTV drama《Reboot》, Movie《叔叔》, Link HK TVC, etc.

吳祉嶠 Phoebe Ng

Age 6,Cute and lively, good at playing the violin.

​演出經驗:TVB drama <Line Walker: Bull Fight>, HMV online video《把砒霜留給自己》, NowTV STEAM TVC,
Open TV Programme <Beautivels>,
TVB drama <Kids' Lives Matter>, Online video <Siu Hei Gui>.

​鍾詠怡 Wincy Chung

Age 11, Well-behaved, obedient, good at acting, catwalk, Guzheng, painting, tennis, Japanese, Korean, jazz dance, skipping, swimming, taekwondo


Experiences: Lonaderm Medicine TVC, ViuTV drama《好人好姐》, Movie《再見,女人街》, Government TVC, Shopping centre mini-movie, etc.






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