Kidstar Catwalk Course

Suitable age: 3-17 years old, divided by age, small class teaching

Kidstar Acting Course

Does your child have problems with cold back and splayed feet?



🌟 基礎體型矯正及提升

🌟 肢體平衡及直線Catwalk訓練

🌟 Catwalk姿勢及造型運用

🌟 肌肉耐力訓練

🌟 女孩基礎T台Catwalk姿勢

🌟 男孩基礎T台Catwalk姿勢

🌟 不同定點造型轉換

🌟 節奏感訓練

🌟 兒童禮服基礎Catwalk技巧

🌟 T台Catwalk流程

🌟 綜合訓練

Lessons included:

- Body shape training

- Music feeling training

- Walking skills

- Eye and facial expression training

- Posture of modelling

- Props application and display

- Clothing display skills and performances

- Formation training

To have a ggod body structure

The five parts of the body stand in a straight line, the eyes and the body are at a 90-degree angle, facing the front and standing stable.

To have a good walking skills:

Feet lifting, kicking, toe landing, and body movement are the focus of the four-step approach. Avoid putting your hands on your waist when you are walking. The natural swing of your hands must be matched with the four-step method.

Formation Training:

Designed for the performance of the professional kids catwalk show, the child star will be trained to focus and cooperate, in different formations, such as: triangular array, military array, etc., to enhance the cooperation with other kids models.

Tuition fee:$2800/5 lessons

(must successfully pass the interview)


Lesson Introduction Video


"I want to be a model"

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