Kidstar Acting Course (Most Recommended course)

Suitable age: 3-17 years old, divided by age, small class teaching

Kidstar Acting Course

Lesson Materials:


Tuition fee:$2800/4 lessons/month

(must successfully pass the interview)

Duration of lesson:90 mins/lesson

                                (a lesson per week)

Course content:

"Life Acting" originally created by us is the main teaching method, which is different from the "Drama Acting" generally used in the other school.

The main purpose is to enhance students 'self-confidence, and strengthen students' speaking ability.

Focus on improving children's coping and communication skills to improve lazy and bite problems.

Classes are divided according to age and level to ensure that students have sufficient ability to cope with higher levels of training.

​・Small class teaching, no more than 8-10 people per class

We have an examination system, students must successfully pass the level examination for each level.

Participants with good performances will be recommended to participate in casting and filming in commercials, TV and mini-movies.

Teaching language:​Cantonese or English

Lesson Structure:


Course Level


Student Progress Video


Learn acting can enhance the following six potentials:




Emotional Intelligence



Shooting Opportunity

TVB drama "The Defected"

ViuTV kids program "Joyous Alliance"

Government TVC

Travel Expert TVC

Pizza Hut TVC

ViuTV drama "My Very Short Marriage"

ViuTV mini-movie

More opportunities on
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Be more confident, 

               strive for excellence!!

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